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The Student News Site of Ottoson Middle School

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Photo courtesy of Arlington High School Building Project.
A Guide to the Changes at Arlington High School
Jiwan R.January 4, 2024

Arlington High School (AHS) is the main public school in Arlington for grades 9-12, and is recognized as a U.S. News & World Report Gold...

Field trip to Minuteman: A Taste Of The Future
Etta L-S.November 21, 2023

On November 9, 205 eighth graders out of around 500 at Ottoson participated in a tour of the Minuteman High School. Minuteman is an “award-winning...

Back to Beatlemania: Now and Then, The Final Lyrics To An Era of Music
Back to Beatlemania: Now and Then, The Final Lyrics To An Era of Music
Sabrina JS.November 11, 2023

It’s been 61 years since the Beatles 1962 debut song, Love Me Do, was released. Now, more than half a century later, they are releasing what...

To Watch Or Not To Watch: Some Are Great, Some Just Aren’t

We’ve all been there: you click on this supposedly “amazing” Netflix show. It has 5/5 reviews, and about a billion positive ratings on RottenTomatoes or is trending on about every single thing you’ve seen. You watch maybe one episode of it and you think, wow, this is bad. Then you think, hey maybe it’s just this episode and decide to watch the next couple ones, just to be unbiased. You end up watching the entire first season and realize, wow, that did not get better. Now you wasted an entire week of your life and are about to rage quit Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. So, to save you from harming yourself, your wallet, and everybody else within a one-mile radius from buying new streaming platforms, here are a couple TV shows and movies that you could, or should, skip on. 



I’ve got a really unpopular opinion on this one. Sure, it represented Colombian and Latin culture pretty well, but, please. Most of the Latin population living in Central and South America live in urban and suburban areas. I’m not saying that no TV shows can take place in the jungle now. What’s problematic is the fact that essentially no other high-grossing media about Latin people focuses on the big population living in urban areas, at least, not one that’s angled at children. Additionally, while some of the songs were catchy and great, it lacked a little in everything. The movie’s soundtrack, while pretty good, only produced one world-famous song. Unlike other movies made by Disney, such as Frozen, who have several famous songs, the only music from Encanto anybody can sing along to is “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, which is honestly overplayed. 


Star Wars Sequels

Alright, sure, it’s not the worst. But honestly, aside from the nostalgia from having Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in the cast, it’s not really remarkable. Its special effects are great, but the original one’s are even more considering when they were made. 

The love trope between Kylo Ren and Rey was unoriginal and underdone. Enemies-to-lovers is honestly a pretty great love trope in books and movies, but this one was a little too much at times and not enough at others. The couple showed some signs of their romantic interest in each other, but nothing apart from kindness in a friendship. But, at the end, they just kiss as if they had been in a relationship a lot more committed and serious. Also, Kylo saved Rey from dying at the end and essentially killed himself by doing so. However, even though Rey is equally as powerful, she let him die without any intent on saving him. Enemies-to-lovers? I don’t think so. This relationship would have been so much better as just a friendship. 



Alright, before I start this review, let me just say: I liked Shrek. It’s not a bad movie, and a very crucial one if you want to understand Gen-Z humor. It was very humorous and, overall, a great film. However, it was a little boring and I didn’t fully understand it. It had some nice messages about self-esteem and inner beauty, but it felt a little overdone. Basically, it’s a good movie to watch, but it doesn’t deserve super high priority. 


Inside Out

Here’s the thing: most of these movies are pretty OK. None of these are utterly horrible. On that note, Inside Out definitely did not make my Top 100. I found it a bit overwatched. It’s cute in a way that preschoolers would like and definitely has some good messages, but the fact that it’s being watched in middle school is, in my opinion, sort of absurd. Sure, it has some good memos, and it’s good that they are showing the idea that all emotions are valid, but again, that’s kind of cliche with how movies are now. Overall, this movie shouldn’t really be on your to watch list. 


Percy Jackson and The Olympians (movies)

My opinion on this, for once, is agreed upon! These movies are probably my least favorite of the entire list. The well known and honored Percy Jackson and The Olympians books were such a work of art, and these movies made them seem like a 4 page essay written by a kindergartener. Apart from having a cast where everybody was much older than 12, the plot was so far off and was essentially an entirely different thing. It should have been called Peter Johnson: An Epic Adventure With Grecian Gods because that would have been more accurate. I watched the first one on an evening and tried to watch the second one, but it mysteriously got taken off of my streaming platform. Honestly, I think it was for the best. However, a new TV show is coming out soon and I hope it will be at least somewhat better than these movies. 

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Sabrina JS., L&D/Journalist/Editor
Sabrina JS has been part of the L&D team for two years and has recently become an editor for the Insider. She also is a journalist who contributes To Watch or Not To Watch to the newspaper. She enjoys the topics of politics and fashion. Sabrina is an avid traveler and loves to visit new and interesting locations. Her most recent trips have been to New York and Peru. Sabrina also loves to draw and specializes in human illustrations.

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  • A

    AddieJan 26, 2024 at 9:32 am

    Thank you for the Peter Johnson reference

    I needed that

    Though about the article itself, I do agree many of these are over watched and over praised and even sometimes ridiculous. I personally cannot STAND listening to We Don’t Talk About Bruno, it was played so much two years ago. My favorite song from that movie is Waiting on a Miracle, and nobody ever says anything about it! Next, I completely agree the love trope in the sequels was stupid. Why can’t we have a story where a man/boy and a woman/girl are friends and /not/ become lovers? Sometimes it works, but in this case it was badly done and unnecessary.

    I refuse to watch Shrek.

    And a word of advice to my fellow PJO fans, never ever EVER watch the (as Sabrina wonderfully called it) Peter Johnson movies