To Watch or Not To Watch: “American Born Chinese” Is The Show We Desperately Need

To Watch or Not To Watch: “American Born Chinese” Is The Show We Desperately Need

Sabrina JS.

Let’s face it: when dealing with race and culture, the film industry can sometimes suck. It either over-does it or under-does it and goes down the doom-filled road of stereotypes. It’s a rare instance when you open up a streaming platform and see something that might actually be correctly representing a culture or religion and an even rarer occurrence is to find that glorious correct representation of cultures in shows that take place in the 21st century. Something even more uncommon? Finding a TV show centered around an Asian protagonist that is as real and relatable as any other character. 

About a month or two ago, the trailer for American Born Chinese was released. At just the first glance, it already looked amazing. After a few weeks of waiting, the show finally dropped and, like expected, it was incredible. Not only did it feature a diverse cast, but it also showcased an Asian family.  Additionally, American Born Chinese talked about several discrimination issues that our modern world faces today. From an actor that is just remembered for his role as a sidekick, and not being given any major roles after that, to a principal that thinks that Jin’s (the show’s protagonist) family is the cause of his slightly violent behavior. American Born Chinese does not try to sugar-coat any of the issues that people must deal with just because they are Asian. 

Simply put, on a scale of 1-10, this show is easily a 10. This show definitely has something for every type of TV affectionate. It’s amorous enough for your romance lover, funny enough for the comedic teenager, but still dramatic enough to give you that Marvel type cliffhanger (and it’s long enough to last you at least 6 hours). While the plot is impressive enough, the cast totally sells it. Not only does this show have Academy Award for Best Actress winner Michelle Yeoh and Academy Award winning actor Ke Huy Quan, but an array of young actors that still shine bright on the screen, such as Ben Wang playing Jin. 


So go on, Ottoson students! Enjoy your summer and have a wonderful time binge watching!!