To Watch or Not To Watch: Cielo Grande (Secrets of Summer) Review

To Watch or Not To Watch: Cielo Grande (Secrets of Summer) Review

Sabrina JS.

Note: This following edition of To Watch or Not To Watch is only focused on SEASON 2 of Secrets of Summer. While some notes from Season 1 will be mentioned, please know that there will NOT be a recap of season 1. Also, please be warned there WILL BE SPOILERS ON THE PLOT OF SEASON 2 AND ABOUT SEASON 1. 


It’s 2023 and we’re all excited. Apparently all these TV companies are too. Netflix, for example, has a new season for the show Secrets of Summer, or also known as Cielo Grande (meaning “Big Sky” in Spanish, and also the hotel where this show takes place). Any hard-core Spanish students at Ottoson? Yes? No? Secrets of Summer is a Netflix series originally in Spanish (let’s take a moment to embrace the magic of Closed Captions, please?). 


This show follows the story of a group of teens at the riverside hotel Cielo Grande and the drama that happens. In season 2, Natasha Rossi and Oliver Ross/Rossi become co-owners of Cielo Grande, and make vast changes to the hotel, but the other co-owner, Agusto, and the other “family members” of the Cielo Grande family disagree. In another part of the hotel, a member of the Cielo Grande (staff) family, Luz, doubts that her recently found father, Ron Navarro, is actually her dad after a chat with her grandmother. She then tells her sister, Steffi Navarro (her recently discovered sister) her doubts and the two are pretty quickly knee deep in trying to figure this out. Things get even more interesting when Steffi’s ex-boyfriend (and ex-wakeboard coach) Santiago, known as “Santi”, comes to Cielo Grande (with Natasha) and ends up complicating things with Steffi and her new boyfriend Julian. 

Is this enough drama for you? There’s more! What happens when Oliver shuts down the newly reconstructed “Sky Vibes” (the karaoke and performance place at Cielo Grande) and replaces it with “New Waves”? Find out more on Netflix in this epic season 2.