Arlington Builds an Environmentally Friendly High School For a Greener Future


A photo of Arlington High School, pre-construction

Phoebe K-T.

Arlington High School (AHS) is currently under construction. The new building will have solar panels, EV charging stations (electric vehicle charging station), and other forms of on-site renewable energy production. 

The Town of Arlington has a commitment to reach Net Zero by 2050. Net Zero is reaching a balance between the emissions produced and emissions taken out of Earth’s atmosphere.  AHS was Arlington’s largest energy consumer, and by rebuilding it, the town can finally have a chance to change that. 

On the Arlington High School Building Project website it says, “Arlington will receive approximately $3.5 million in additional reimbursement from the state by achieving a certain level of energy efficiency and sustainable design…”

The AHS Building Committee’s original plan was to have geothermal wells built for the school. A geothermal well is drilled one or two miles down into the Earth and pumps steam or hot water to the surface. The steam spins a turbine that connects to a generator which produces electricity. Geothermal wells have very little negative effects on the environment andare used to replace electricity sources that involve burning fossil fuels. Unfortunately, most-to-all of the geothermal well plans got changed due to budget cuts. 

Nevertheless, the new AHS is aiming to be an all electric school, using solar panels, providing ample EV charging, and other on-site renewable energy production. By building this new, more efficient school, Arlington is doing its part in saving the world.