The LA Lakers Face Off Against the Miami Heat in 2020 NBA Finals


Neela F.

The basketball finals of 2020 took place from September 30th to October 11th and came down to a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. The Lakers won the finals after playing six games, having won four of them. This is LeBron James’ fourth win, notably against his past team. 

The Heat had several good years with amazing players such as Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade.  However their success did not last long. They lost Bosh after he quit the NBA due to an illness, James after he transferred to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Wade after he retired in the 2018-2019 season. Meanwhile, James transferred to the Lakers just last year. Despite these setbacks, the Heat managed to get some good players on their team, including Jimmy Butler and Derrick Jones Jr., who couldn’t play in the finals due to an injury. The Lakers also had strong players on their team, such asLeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Dwight Howard. The Lakers advanced to the finals after  beating the Denver Nuggets, while the Heat advanced after beating the Celtics. 

The first game of the finals can set the tone, but it will most likely not predict who will win in the end. The Lakers crushed the heat, 98 to 116, with LeBron scoring 25 points and Anthony Davis scoring an astounding 34 points. The Heat’s biggest scorer was Jimmy Butler, who scored 23 points- an impressive amount, but not enough to bring his team to victory.

The second game of the finals took place on October 2nd. LeBron and Anthony scored over 30 points each for their team, while the Heat struggled because almost none of their players scored over 25 points. The Heat lost by 10 points (114-124), which was not a good start for them.

The third game of the finals on October 4th  finally brought some good luck for the cursed Heat. They beat the Lakers by 11 points (104-115). Jimmy Butler scored  40 points and played for the whole game . 

The fourth game on October 6th  once again brought luck for the Lakers. James and Davis scored over 20 points each, with the rest of their teammates scoring 15 points or less. The Heat had two players score over 20 points,, and they had a few players score over 10 points. At the end of the game, it was obvious the Heat would not win, as Butler attempted a final shot and was blocked by Davis. 

The fifth game needed to be won by the Heat unless they wanted the Lakers to win. It was an incredibly close game with a score of 111-108, but finally brought a victory to the Heat. Jimmy Butler scored 35 points, but was still beat by James’s 40 points scored. The two teams could have gone into overtime had LeBron made a final three-pointer, but his attempt was in vain. James did not make his shot, bringing the victory to the Heat.

The sixth and final game was played on October 11th. Many consider the star of the Heat this game to be Bam Adebayo, who scored  25 points! Sadly, despite Adebayo’s many successes, the Heat did not measure up to the Lakers who won with 28 points by LeBron James, 19 points by Anthony Davis and Rajon Rondo, and 17 points by Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. The Lakers won the game and consequently the NBA Finals bringing LeBron yet another win!

This game was remembered as the Covid-19 NBA finals, LeBron’s fourth win, and much more. The Heat had a rough final, winning two out of six games. The Lakers had an easy go. Who knows what next year will bring, basketball-wise!