How The School Dance Was Organized

Jiwan R.

The school dance on March 31st, 2023, attracted a large portion of the student population, with amenities such as a photobooth, snacks, and a DJ. While the dance itself only lasted a few hours, the preparation and organization behind it stretched to the beginning of the school year.

According to Aly L, a member of the student council, the first vestiges of planning began with a survey filled out by Ottoson students early in the school year, in which many respondents stated that they wished for a school dance. 

Serious planning started in the winter, overseen by the student council, which was run by Ms. Bistran and Ms. Jorgenson, among others. At student council meetings, there were 4-6 members who attended weekly, with an additional 1-2 members that occasionally went. 

According to Ms. Bistran, the dance itself cost roughly $1000, which was spent on amenities such as the DJ, photobooth, decorations, and snacks. The money for this came from ticket sales, which amounted to about $1750, as well as money from the bake sale earlier in the year, which was approximately $300. 

The money left over from the dance was used to purchase a  large clock in the main lobby, and will be used for other school improvement projects, such as posters, murals, and fixing signs, as decided by the student council.