Here Today, Tarragone Tomorrow: Tarragon Omelet


Sophie S.

Top of the Morning to You!

This week, we’ve got your new favorite breakfast recipe here with a filling omelet to start your day off right! Our omelet has lots of great tarragon flavor, and is packed with protein and nice veggie nutrients. I should revise my title: Here now, tarragone in approximately ten minutes! I shared my omelet with my family because little old me couldn’t eat even half the thing. =)



French Tarragon

Tarragon is a spice that my family does not regularly keep stocked in our pantry. We made a special trip to go find some because I’ve exhausted the spices we have in our pantry already. Artemisia dracunculus, which is French tarragon, has some very interesting relatives and possibly a doppelganger. French tarragon is a close relative to Russian tarragon, but they are very different! French tarragon has a beautiful and complex flavor. Russian tarragon….tastes like nothing. On the other hand, Mexican tarragon (Tagetes lucida), of no close relation, has a very similar flavor to it’s French counterpart. Who knows if any of them are actually French, Russian or Mexican. They could all be impostors!

Tarragon Omelet

This week I was a little lost on what to make. Savory dishes are not my forte. However, my dad told me that an omelet would taste good, so I gave it a go. It turned out to be a very good idea because it was really tasty! It’s a super easy and customizable recipe. The best part? It takes only about 7 minutes of your precious morning to whip this up. 


Enjoy the omelet and see you next week!

Spice Girl



Makes: 1 omelet

Prep time: 4 minutes

Cook time: 2-3 minutes

Difficulty: Virtually impossible to mess up! Super easy!



-2 eggs

-1 teaspoon dried tarragon

-4 cherry tomatoes or diced tomato of your choice

-Handful of spinach, arugula, or vegetable of your choice

-2 tablespoon of oil


  1. Whisk your tarragon and eggs together in a bowl. 
  2. Heat your non-stick pan to medium heat. Pour in your oil.
  3. Chop up your tomatoes and veggies. 
  4. Once your oil moves like water (see: Teriyaki Chicken ), slowly pour the eggs and tarragon into the pan. Make sure that the whole pan’s face is covered with egg. You can tilt the pan to make sure everything gets covered.
  5. When you can see the edges begin to peel off the pan, place your tomatoes and vegetables in the egg. 
  6. The edges should all start peeling off the sides of the pan after 2-3 minutes. It should be easy to move the eggs loose. Now it’s time to flip! I am unskilled, so I asked my dad to flip it for me. He did it pancake style. For those not confident enough to do it pancake-style, you can roll up the egg, flip, and unroll. The downside is that you’re more likely to break the patty.
  7. Cook for another thirty seconds. Then, once it’s done, put a plate on top of your pan, and flip the pan so the omelet lands on the plate.
  8. Enjoy!