Harry Potter: The Books Versus the Movies


An illustration of Harry Potter, the protagonist of the popular “Harry Potter” series

Elizabeth Z

Ever heard of Harry Potter? Many people have. Whether they’ve watched the movies, read the books, or both, a lot of people love HP.  But which is better; the books or the movies? And should fans read the books or watch the movies first?

Many people have read the Harry Potter books from a young age, and have called the series “their favorite books.” But parents wonder if children should wait until they’re older before they read the books. Books four through eight are especially graphic and violent, which raises concerns for parents. However, the Harry Potter movies can also be violent.

Many people applaud the Harry Potter series for its excellent descriptions, fast-paced and exciting plot, and well-researched characters. The movies, on the other hand, are reported to be well-acted, have decent CGI, and are well-written. So how do they measure up?

The later movies deviate from the books slightly, in small ways, like dementors not wearing their hoods, and the Room of Requirement being breached by blasting through the wall, instead of a betrayal. The CGI for the spells and effects also differ between movies, such as the effects when Harry enters the pensive. The aforementioned dementors look different and do not have hoods in the movies.

However, there are little to no plot holes in either the books or the movies, and both interpretations are intriguing. The series follows Harry and his friends on their quest to defeat he-who-must-not-be-named (Voldemort).

 In the end, it’s up to the reader to decide whether the Harry Potter books or movies are better. As for which one to experience first, both the books and movies have their highs and lows. The movies can be hard to follow without prior knowledge, but it can be hard to understand what the books are describing without visuals. Still, both the books and the movies have their strong points and can be exciting.