To Read or Not To Read: Stellarlune Book Review


Addie B. and Abigail K.


Book Name: Keeper of the Lost Cities: STELLARLUNE

Author: Shannon Messenger

                                          Stars: ★★★★☆



Sophie Foster is a twelve-year-old elf, quite new to the Lost Cities. In this ninth book, Sophie is uncovering secrets that no one knows about – and most of the people who do know are dead or working for the bad guys (the Neverseen). Sophie and her friends have massive problems to solve, including finding the mysterious Elysian, a place no one but the late Councilor Kenric has heard of.


Overall, it was a good book. But there are a few things that need to be addressed. Messenger spent around 300 pages writing out… three scenes. All of that could have gone a lot faster, and put into about 100 pages. Also, one of the biggest things is the lack of side characters. Or, more specifically, characters such as Biana, Marella, Linh, Tam, Wylie, and Marcua. It was pretty awesome how much attention Dex got, but really… The book was about Sophie, Keefe, and Fitz. This book, second to last in the series (the tenth book hasn’t come out yet), creates dozens of questions, and… maybe two answers? Other than that, the book was great! It sucked me in – and I was able to finish it in less than a day, which is a first in a while.



In summary, Stellarlune was a good book except for a few small things, that being the length of a few scenes. The lack of side characters was also a minor issue, but other than that the book was really great. I would definitely read it again.