“Seasonings” Greetings: Spicing Things Up

Four Spiced Teas for your Winter Blues


Sophie S., News Editor


March is a weird month. It’s kind of in-between everything. Very few holidays, no days off from school. Winter is turning to spring, and it is my opinion that it doesn’t really count as a season. So, these teas bring the seasons to you! There’s one tea for each season, autumn, winter, spring, and summer! This week, we don’t have Spice of the Week, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Goodbye for now,

Spice Girl

Autumn: Apple Cider Chai (Apple cranberry tea with cinnamon) 

You need: An Apple Cranberry tea bag, water, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and whipped cream.  

Steep your tea for seven minutes, or until you are satisfied with the flavor. Add in your spices: cinnamon and nutmeg, along with some sugar to taste. I used about ⅛ a teaspoon of each. Top with whipped cream and enjoy!            



Winter: Peppermint Bark Tea (Mint tea steeped in hot chocolate)

You need: A mint tea bag, water, hot cocoa mix (or whatever you use to make your cocoa)

First, make your hot cocoa. This will be your base for the tea! You can steep tea in any liquid, but most people prefer waterbecause it has a neutral flavor. Take your tea bag and steep. Once the water has reached your desired minty-ness, remove from the cup. Top with whipped cream and enjoy! Optional: You can take the used tea bag and steep it in water. Then you’ll have slightly chocolatey mint tea. The fun part about this is that mint is a spice! Nothing added besides the tea and cocoa.


Spring: Apricot Jam Chamomile (Chamomile tea with dried apricot )

You need: A Chamomile tea bag, water, dried apricot, sugar, ginger

Steep your tea bag in the water for seven minutes, or until it’s your desired flavor. Chop up your dried apricot. Dried apricot is great because it has a lot of concentrated flavor, but fresh works too! Add them in along with ⅛ teaspoon ginger and sugar to taste. Garnish with more apricot and enjoy! Warning: This tea may make you sleepy!



Summer: Raspberry Lemonade Iced Tea (Raspberry black tea with lemon)

You need: Two  Raspberry black tea bags, water, lemon, sugar, cloves, ice. Optional: Chia seeds

Steep your tea for seven minutes or until desired. We need two tea bags so that the flavor is concentrated enough with the ice. Squeeze lemon juice into the cup. We used about ¼ of a lemon, but you can do however much or little you want. Save the rinds, we’ll use them later! Add in your sugar. We found this needs a generous amount! Also, add in your cloves. Cloves are what give gingerbread its distinct taste.  It’s an interesting combination with lemon! We put in a large pinch. Add in your ice. Garnish with the lemon rinds and chia seeds.