Kahoot Whitelisted by Arlington Public Schools After a Short Ban


Aabha S.

Kahoot is a trivia game website often used for educational purposes that was widely used by  the school, until it was blocked by administration. While the sudden disappearance of Kahoot from lessons disappointed many students, there were reasons behind its banning. The Director of Digital Learning, Dr. Bisson says, “It wasn’t approved for use because Kahoot didn’t sign a student data privacy agreement.” The  agreement is vital, as it ensures that student data stays secure. The privacy agreement, when signed,  ensures that students won’t be receiving emails from Kahoot. Kahoot emails could possibly lead to student data being exposed, which is unsafe. Kahoot has returned to Arlington Public Schools recently after accepting the privacy agreement.


Recently, many people at Ottoson have realized that lots of websites have been blocked through online filters. This is because in the last two years, school leadership  has been working to keep everyone’s privacy safe. Often, sites that are blocked are categorized as shopping, mature, or forum websites. These sites need to be blocked to prevent  distractions and unsafe behavior. Some of these websites may release user data which is not in the best interest of students.  


Kahoot has recently become a whitelisted site again after it signed APS privacy agreements. Being whitelisted means that it has been approved by school administrators.  According to Dr. Bisson, “In order to keep students safe online, we [school leadership] will block and unblock certain sites.” Whitelisted sites are accessible to those with an Arlington school email. This process of filtering sites is important because it keeps  students safe online.


Kahoot’s return is exciting for both teachers and students who have begun to use it regularly again. Privacy agreements are important and are perfect examples of how school leadership has been working on the online safety of students. Dr. Bisson hopes that students understand and accept why some sites are banned, as it is for everyone’s safety.