Dogs vs. Cats, The Never-Ending Debate

Dogs vs. Cats, The Never-Ending Debate

Nina Rosenblatt and Oju Rizal

Dog vs cats has been a common debate for many years, but we believe that dogs are ultimately better.

In our time with dogs, we have noticed that they are loyal to their owners and keep them safe and protected. Dogs are especially good to have if living alone because they give you an extra layer of protection and security. When most dogs hear unexpected visitors, they bark loudly, which can be an indicator to the owners that something is wrong.  Dogs can also defend you if, for instance, you get attacked. Even if they aren’t a specifically aggressive and watchful breed of dog, it’s nice to feel like you’re not alone. 

Dogs can feel intimidating when you first meet them, but they are truly very friendly and tender. Dogs are also very interactive with humans and their owners. They are loyal to you and follow you throughout your life. They will always come back to their owners and are most affectionate towards them. You can teach your dogs tricks and train them good manners. This is important for a pet to learn so they can respect everyone and not make anyone feel uncomfortable. 

We interviewed one anonymous student at Ottoson and asked what they thought about dogs, and they said, “Dogs are loyal, caring and friendly creatures who will brighten your life.” We agree with this student and their opinion because when we interact with dogs they are always playful, happy and friendly. On the other hand, dogs are more human reliant and take up more time and resources from their owner. For example, dog owners need to take dogs outside to use the bathroom. 


Another reason why we prefer dogs over cats is because in our experience, cats can be aggressive and occasionally scratch or bite. In addition, they can kill small animals. Cats are generally not as social as dogs, and are more independent, which can be a pro or a con depending on your personality and needs. Cats are difficult to train and they also don’t perform many tricks, so they aren’t as entertaining. Teaching them proper manners can be a challenge as well. You also need to clean their litter box frequently. Since most people don’t walk their cats, it is harder for you to make sure they are getting enough exercise and stimulation. Cats are also calming, fluffy and nice to pet. They also do not take up a lot of space or resources so they are low-maintenance animals. 

Dogs and cats are both wonderful pets but personally speaking, dogs have more pros than cats and are ultimately better. Dogs are loyal, social, and affectionate pets that will love you throughout your life. On the other hand, cats are not very social and difficult to train. (we still love cats though!) At the end of the day, dogs are the best pets to have and they will brighten up your life more than a cat will.