Minuteman Applications Closed, Acceptance, Denial, and Waitlist Notices to Be Sent Out Soon


Minuteman High School is a vocational school in MA. Applications closed on February 18th.//Photo credit Minuteman High School

Felix N., Opinion Editor

The deadline for Minuteman High School applications has passed, and now students are awaiting their acceptance or denial letters. Minuteman High is a vocational school where students pick an area of expertise to focus on and spend half of their time working on one of these “majors.” The other half of school time is spent engaging in core subject learning, as well as in some electives like languages, and music. They can vary from engineering to culinary arts, offering 19 different trade tracks.

To begin the application process, first create an account with the Minuteman website. This account will be used to track your progress throughout the application process.  When creating your account, you will be asked for some basic information about who you are, your skills and interests, and if you would be interested in any sports and extracurriculars. In total, creating a website account takes around five minutes to complete and should be done with a parent or guardian. 

When deciding which students to accept, Minuteman will be judging your application based on five criteria, each worth 20 points out of the possible 100 points. The first 20 points are based on your past academic grades, which are looked at to ensure you understand the past curriculum and won’t struggle in the switch from middle school to high school. The next two point categories are based on attendance and conduct records, to see if you are a civil student and if you have any large gaps in your attendance. The school also requests a letter of recommendation from one of your eighth-grade teachers, which is optional but can improve your chances of acceptance. The final point category is based on your personal interview with the school. Once Minuteman has evaluated your records, they will work with you to schedule an interview. These interviews are held over Zoom and take around 10-20 minutes. The point of these interviews is that the school will get a sense of who you are and if you would be a good fit for their programs.  Minuteman interviews are brief, and the interviewers  ask questions such as “What are three to five words that describe you?” or “What do you normally do after school?” It is recommended that you take some notes prior to the interview or practice answering basic interview questions with a friend or guardian so that you feel properly prepared.

Now that all applicants have completed their interviews, Minuteman High will start reviewing applications. Notices of acceptance, denial, or waitlist will be sent out. The school will be sending these letters out from February 16 through March 1st. If you are accepted, you have until March 8th to confirm your acceptance. Minuteman stopped accepting applications on February 18th.